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Viktoriya Fedorchuk, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

My guiding principle and deepest desire in counselling therapy is the creation of safety in our relationship. More than any technique I may use, my hope is that you feel deeply understood and seen in our interactions. This is the basis of our work together.

I hold a Masters of Counselling Psychology from UBC, and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. For the last decade, I have worked in mental health programs across Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Fraser Health including adult and family therapy, crisis intervention, group-based programs, and inpatient/outpatient eating disorders programs. 

I work with adults from all areas and stages of life who want their lives to look different from their current reality. I draw from systemic approaches (meaning we’ll likely talk about you in relation to your family, community and society as a whole); from Emotion-Focused Therapy (helping you identify, process, and cope with difficult emotions), and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT, which can help shift your thinking, target distress tolerance, and help build a life worth living). As every human is unique and our difficulties arise from various factors, I aim to tie in principles and theory from various roots in a way that I believe makes sense for you personally. Most importantly, I am a Trauma-Informed Therapist and heavily rely on the principles of empowerment and choice in my work.

At times when we seek counselling, we aren’t totally sure what the ‘problem’ is, we just know our current realities don’t feel fully fulfilling. Other times, we can identify what the ‘issue’ may be, but feel stuck around how to move forward. Counselling therapy is effective in both scenarios, and works to bring both insight and solutions into an individual’s life. If you’re here, there’s likely an area of your life that you would like to see be different. This may be your relationship with yourself or others, your daily experience of anxiety, depression or eating issues, your struggle in making sense of your past, or the ongoing effects trauma. Perhaps you are a family member of someone struggling with mental health.

I’m here to help and have journeyed with many people through the challenges that the human experience brings. Let’s use our time together to bridge the gap between your current reality and a more fulfilling future.

Areas of Practice

I work with families, adults and older adolescents of all genders as they navigate difficulties such as:

  • Trauma 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Immigration

  • Eating Disorders

  • Eating Issues

  • Athletes

  • Family Dynamics

  • Relationship Difficulties 

  • Self-Worth & Self-Esteem

  • Life Transitions & Loss

  • Navigation of Religion/Spirituality 

  • Navigation of Gender/Sexuality 

Therapeutic Approaches

  • Trauma Informed Therapy (EMDR & Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy) 

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy & Emotion-Focused Family Therapy 

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 

  • Existential Psychotherapy

  • Feminist Therapy & Systemic Therapy

Educational Background

  • Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology - University of British Columbia (UBC) 

  • EMDR- Five-Day Intensive Training

  • EFFT- Core and Advanced Training

  • Forward-Facing Trauma Competency Therapy Training 

  • DBT for Eating Disorders Training

Professional Registration

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

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A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (RCC)

"Count memories, not calories"

- Anna Sweeney, RD
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